About Us

The Super Fundraiser, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm founded by Aliguma Young to address the challenges that she saw many nonprofits facing to hire, retain, and support the teams necessary to meet their big fundraising goals.  Committed to being an activist for equality through fundraising, she is committed to supporting missions led by value driven leaders to create a better world.  

The Super Fundraiser, Inc.  provides professional development and resources to recruit, on-board, manage and support the success of nonprofit fundraising teams and for profit sales teams.

The Super Fundraiser, Inc. has expertise in diversity and inclusion, best practices in hiring and culture building, managing teams that generate revenue, creating systems for strategic planning, building best in class fundraising and sales operations and supporting the transition of team members to leadership roles.

The Super Fundraiser primarily accomplishes this through 4 offerings:

1.Interim staff placements

2.1:1 and Team coaching

3.Programs and courses related to managing teams, building relationships and generating big revenue

4.Customized virtual learning experiences and on-site training